Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCArithmeticOperand_tInternal type used for arithmetic operators
oCCORRELATION_PEAKDescription of the peak in the correlation data
oCDcrawReaderClass for reading digital cameras raw image file formats
oCDcrawReader(Private)Private part of the DCRAW readder class
oCDcrawReaderPrefsPreferences for RAW files conversion
oCDcrawReaderPrefs(Private)Private methods of DcrawReaderPrefs
oCExtremaImageStackerResultResult for the extrema stacking strategy
oCFFmpegReaderClass for reading movie file formats non supported by Cocoa
oCFFmpegReader(Private)Internals of the FFmpeg reader
oCFITSReaderClass for reading FITS image file format
oCFITSWriterFITS file format writer class
oCKeyFrames_tStructure used to retain the key frames position
oC<LynkeosAlignResult>The alignment result for an image
oCLynkeosBasicAlignResultDefault class for working with alignment results
oCLynkeosColumnDescriptionColumn description (to be put in the dictionary)
oCLynkeosColumnDescriptorSingleton class for registering outline view columns
oC<LynkeosDocument>This protocol gathers the methods provided to the processing classes by the document
oC<LynkeosFileReader>Common protocol for all file readers
oC<LynkeosFileWriter>Common protocol for all file writers
oCLynkeosFourierBufferClass used to wrap the Fourier transform with FFTW library
oCLynkeosGammaCorrecterClass which handle the gamma correction
oCLynkeosGammaCorrecter(Private)Private members of the Gamma correcter
oC<LynkeosImageBuffer>Generic image management
oC<LynkeosImageFileReader>Protocol for image file readers
oC<LynkeosImageFileWriter>Protocol to conform for image file writers
oC<LynkeosImageList>Base protocol for an image list
oCLynkeosImageProcessingParameterProcessing parameter for image processing
oC<LynkeosImageView>Protocol implemented by the window image view for processing views
oC<LynkeosImageViewDelegate>Delegate to the image view
oCLynkeosIntegerPointInteger coordinates
oCLynkeosIntegerRectInteger rectangle. It uses the point and size types
oCLynkeosIntegerSizeInteger size
oCLynkeosLogFieldsThis class ties together a slider's log values and a textfield
oC<LynkeosMovieFileReader>Protocol for movie file readers
oC<LynkeosMovieFileWriter>Protocol to conform for movie file writers
oC<LynkeosMovieFileWriterDelegate>This protocol describes the delegate which feed the movie writer with frame data
oCLynkeosObjectCacheThis class caches any kind of object
oCLynkeosObjectCache(Private)Private methods of LynkeosObjectCache
oC<LynkeosPreferences>Protocol for Lynkeos preferences plugins
oC<LynkeosProcessable>This protocol is implemented by the classes which store and provide parameters
oCLynkeosProcessableImageThis root class is inherited by the classes which contain an image
oC<LynkeosProcessableItem>This protocol is implemented by the classes that can be the target of a processing
oC<LynkeosProcessing>Common protocol for all processing classes
oC<LynkeosProcessingParameter>Processing parameter
oCLynkeosProcessingParameterMgrProcessing parameter management class
oC<LynkeosProcessingView>Protocol implemented by the "view" part of each processing
oCLynkeosProcessingViewRegistryContainer for a processing
oCLynkeosReaderRegistryUtility class which registers a reader with its priority for one file type
oCLynkeosStandardImageBufferClass used for floating precision images
oCLynkeosStandardImageBuffer(Private)Private methods
oCLynkeosThreadCnxEndConnection endpoint
oCLynkeosThreadConnectionThis class implements a connection between threads in the same adress space
oCLynkeosThreadConnection(Private)Private part of the class
oCLynkeosThreadConnection(QueueMgt)Internal part of the connection class
oC<LynkeosViewAlignResult>Part of the alignment result needed for display
oC<LynkeosViewDocument>Protocol implemented by the document for processing views
oC<LynkeosWindowController>This protocol is provided by the document window controller
oCMyAboutWindowControllerSingleton class controlling the "About" window
oCMyAutoselectParamsAutoselect parameters
oCMyAVFrameContainerObjC container for a FFMpeg AVFrame
oCMyButtonCellCustom cell used to place NSButton in the outline view cells
oCMyCachePrefsPrivate methods of MyCachePrefs
oCMyCalibrationLockThis class locks the use of image/movie depending on the state of calibration data
oCMyChromaticAlignerViewView controlling the chromatic alignment
oCMyChromaticAlignerView(Private)Private methods of MyChromaticAlignerView
oCMyChromaticAlignParameterChromatic alignment offsets
oCMyChromaticLevelsViewView and process for modifying an image levels and gamma
oCMyCocoaImageReaderClass for reading every Cocoa image file format
oCMyConcreteColumnDescriptorConcrete implementation of the subclassing of NSMutableDictionary
oCMyCustomAlertCustom alert panel
oCMyDeconvolutionDeconvolution processing class
oCMyDeconvolutionParametersDeconvolution processing parameters
oCMyDeconvolutionViewView controller of the deconvolution processing
oCMyDocumentThe document controler
oCMyDocumentDataV1Wrapper class for version 1 document content
oCMyDocumentDataV2Wrapper class for version 2 document content
oCMyGeneralPrefsGeneral preferences
oCMyImageCompatibility class for reading documents created by Lynkeos V1.2 or earlier
oCMyImageAlignerImage aligner class
oCMyImageAlignerListParametersAlignment parameters saved at the document level
oCMyImageAlignerMonitorLightweight object for validating and redraw
oCMyImageAlignerParametersGeneral entry parameters for alignment
oCMyImageAlignerPrefsPreferences for the alignment process
oCMyImageAlignerPrefs(Private)Private methods of MyImageAlignerPrefs
oCMyImageAlignerResultClass for reading files up to V2.2
oCMyImageAlignerViewAligner view controller class
oCMyImageAnalyzerImage analysis processing class
oCMyImageAnalyzerMonitorLightweight object for validating
oCMyImageAnalyzerParametersGeneral entry parameters for image quality analysis
oCMyImageAnalyzerPrefsUser preferences for the analysis
oCMyImageAnalyzerResultResult of the analysis process (entry data for further processing)
oCMyImageAnalyzerViewView controller of the wavelet processing
oCMyImageListBase model of a list of images to process
oCMyImageListEnumeratorEnumerator on MyImageList
oCMyImageListItemCommon class for all image list items
oCMyImageListItem(private)Internal methods
oCMyImageListWindowThe document window controler
oCMyImageSelectionSelection management model object
oCMyImageStackerStacker class
oCMyImageStacker_ExtremaMin / max strategy stacker
oCMyImageStacker_SigmaRejectSigma reject strategy stacker
oCMyImageStacker_Standard"Regular" strategy stacker, ie: mean of all values
oCMyImageStackerListCall param which indicates which list to process
oC<MyImageStackerModeStrategy>Strategy for the stacking mode
oCMyImageStackerMonitorLightweight object for validating
oCMyImageStackerParametersStacking parameters
oCMyImageStackerPrefsImage stacking preferences
oCMyImageStackerPrefs(Private)Private methods of MyImageStackerPrefs
oCMyImageStackerPseudoItemObject used for displaying the result name
oCMyImageStackerViewView controller of the image stacking
oCMyImageStackerView(Private)Private methods of MyImageStackerView
oCMyImageViewThe custom image view
oCMyImageView(Selection)Selection handling in MyImageView
oCMyImageView(SelectionPrivate)Selection management part of MyImageView
oCMyImageView(Zoom)Zoom management part of MyImageView
oCMyListManagementPseudo "process view" that allows to build image lists
oCMyLucyRichardsonLucy Richardson deconvolution class
oC<MyLucyRichardsonDelegate>This protocol is used to inform the view about the progress
oCMyLucyRichardsonMonitorLightweight object for monitoring image size change
oCMyLucyRichardsonParametersLucy Richardson deconvolution parameters
oCMyLucyRichardsonViewView controller for Lucy/Richardson deconvolution
oCMyLucyRichardsonViewParametersDerived parameter type which stores also some view info
oCMyMovieCompatibility class for reading documents created by Lynkeos V1.2 or earlier
oCMyMovieImageCompatibility class for reading documents created by Lynkeos V1.2 or earlier
oCMyObjectImageListDefinition of MyObjectImageList compatibility class for the reader
oCMyOutlineViewOutline view customized for keyDown added behaviour
oCMyPixelBufferContainerObjC container for a CVPixelBuffer
oCMyPluginsControllerThis singleton loads every plugins and retrieves the helpers classes they provide
oCMyPopupButtonCellCustom cell used to place NSPopup in the outline view cells
oCMyProcessingThreadThe thread controller for image list processing
oCMyProcessingThread(Private)Private methods of MyProcessingThread class
oCMyProcessStackViewImage processing stack management
oCMyProcessStackView(Private)Private methods of MyProcessStackView
oCMyProcessViewDefinitionParameters of a processing tool
oCMyQuickTimeReaderClass for reading QuickTime movie files
oCMyQuickTimeReader(Private)Private methods of MyQuickTimeReader
oCMyThreadCnxQueueUtility class used to queue messages when the port is full
oCMyThreadProxyProxy object for an object accessed across a MyThreadConnection
oCMyTiff16ReaderClass for reading 16 bits or monochrome TIFF image file format
oCMyTiffWriterTIFF file format writer class
oCMyUnsharpMaskUnsharp mask processing
oCMyUnsharpMaskParametersUnsharp mask processing parameters
oCMyUnsharpMaskViewView controller of the deconvolution processing
oCMyUserPrefsControllerUser preferences controller class
oCMyUserPrefsController(Private)Private methods for MyUserPrefsController
oCMyViewCellCustom cell used to place NSViews in the outline view cells
oCMyWaveletWavelet processing
oCMyWaveletParametersWavelet processing parameters
oCMyWaveletViewView controller of the deconvolution processing
oCMyWaveletView(Private)Private methods of MyWaveletView
oCNSObject(LynkeosProcessingViewAdditions)Informal protocol for validating the process view
oCParallelImageMultiplyArgsRecord of data needed for parallelized multiplication
oCPIXELS_WEIGHT_TPixels weight
oCProcessStackManagerThis class ensures the processing of the whole stack
oCSigmaRejectImageStackerResultResult for the sigma reject stacking strategy
oCStandardImageStackerResultResult of the standard stacking strategy
oCThreadControlStructure used to keep track of spawned thread
\Cwavelet_tOne wavelet definition