File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*corelation.hDefinitions related to the corelation operation
o*DcrawReader.hReader for image formats supported by DCRAW
o*FFmpegReader.hReader for image formats supported by the FFmpeg library
o*FITSReader.hReader for FITS images
o*FITSWriter.hDefinitions of the FITS writer class
o*LynkeosBasicAlignResult.hImage alignment result class
o*LynkeosColumnDescriptor.hOutline view columns registering
o*LynkeosCommon.hCommon definitions for the Lynkeos project
o*LynkeosFileReader.hFile reader protocols
o*LynkeosFileWriter.hFile writer protocols
o*LynkeosFourierBuffer.hDefinitions related to the Fourier transform
o*LynkeosGammaCorrecter.hDefinitions for the gamma correcter utility class
o*LynkeosImageBuffer.hImage buffer protocol
o*LynkeosObjectCache.hClass used to cache any kind of object
o*LynkeosPreferences.hDefinitions for every Lynkeos user preferences plugins
o*LynkeosProcessableImage.hRoot class for image processing
o*LynkeosProcessing.hImage list processing protocol
o*LynkeosProcessingParameterMgr.hProcessing parameter base class
o*LynkeosProcessingView.hProcessing related view protocol
o*LynkeosStandardImageBuffer.hDefinitions for the application image buffer class
o*LynkeosStandardImageBufferAdditions.hApplication internal definitions for the image buffer class
o*LynkeosThreadConnection.hConnection between threads in the same adress space
o*MyCalibrationLock.hDefinitions for the locking of images characteristics with respect to the use of calibration frames
o*MyChromaticAlignerView.hView controller for the chromatic alignment
o*MyChromaticLevels.hView controller for chromatic levels and gamma correction
o*MyCocoaFilesReader.hClasses that read file formats directly supported by Cocoa
o*MyCustomAlert.hDefinitions of a custom alert panel
o*MyCustomViews.hDefinitions of the customized NSOutlineView
o*MyDeconvolution.hDefinitions for Deconvolution processing
o*MyDeconvolutionView.hView controller of the deconvolution processing
o*MyDocument.hDefinitions of the document controller
o*MyDocumentData.hDocument contents wrapper classes
o*MyGuiConstants.hDefinitions of tags in the GUI
o*MyImageAligner.hImage alignment process class
o*MyImageAligner.mImage alignment process implementation
o*MyImageAlignerView.hDefinitions of the "align" view
o*MyImageAnalyzer.hImage analysis process class
o*MyImageAnalyzerView.hImage analysis process view class
o*MyImageList.hDefinitions for the generic image list
o*MyImageListEnumerator.hDefinitions for the image enumerator
o*MyImageListItem.hImage list item classes
o*MyImageListWindow.hDefinitions of the document window
o*MyImageStacker.hDefinitions of the "stacking" process
o*MyImageStackerView.hDefinitions of the "stacker" view
o*MyImageView.hDefinitions for the custom image view
o*MyListManagement.hPseudo processing view class which manages the lists of images
o*MyLucyRichardson.hDefinitions for Lucy Richardson deconvolution processing
o*MyLucyRichardsonView.hView controller of the Lucy/Richardson deconvolution
o*MyPluginsController.hPlugin controller singleton class
o*MyProcessingThread.hThread controller definitions
o*MyTiff16Reader.hReader for 16 bits and monochrome TIFF images
o*MyTiffWriter.hDefinitions of the TIFF writer class
o*MyUnsharpMask.hDefinitions for Deconvolution processing
o*MyUnsharpMaskView.hView controller of the unsharp mask processing
o*MyUserPrefsController.hDefinitions for the user preferences controller
o*MyWavelet.hDefinitions for Wavelet processing
o*MyWaveletView.hView controller of the unsharp mask processing
o*processing_core.hCommon processing definitions
o*ProcessingUtilities.hCommon utilities for image processing
\*ProcessStackManager.hDefinitions of the processing stack manager