Lynkeos credits



There is a french saying : "Well arranged charity begins by oneself"...
The creation of this application is the work of Jean-Etienne LAMIAUD.

In the press

It was a great honor for Lynkeos to be cited in the "New products showcase" of the July 2005 issue of Sky and Telescope.
So was it also to see Lynkeos included in the accompanying CD of BBC Sky at Night magazine


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The list of donors is provided by SourceForge



Many thanks to Jean-Luc L who tested the application on Puma (Mac OS X.1), even though he is no planetary astrophotographer.
Thanks to Diego Meozzi, a great astrophotographer (have a look at his homepage), the first official translator of the italian localization.
All my encouragements to Christophe Jalady, who completed the Linux port. Please, you Linux astronomers, show him your support !
Owners of Macintoshes equipped with an Intel processor can thank a lot Jean Duffas, who was patient enough to compile Lynkeos on MacOS X / Intel architecture.
Congratulations to the FFTW team (Matteo Frigo, Stevenj G. Johnson, Stefan Kral), for giving to the community such an astounding FFT library.
Thanks to for guidelines to have a custom site icon on the URL bar.
My best regards to Stéphane Dumont from the Société Astronomique de la Montagne de Lure, for his enthusiastic support. This is the kind of feedback that makes me happy continuing Lynkeos developement.


My best regards to the sites which reference Lynkeos :

-First of all : all the people at SourceForge who do a wonderful job for the open source community
- (formerly Version tracker), which seems to be the most visited software download site on earth...
- HyperJeff, "While the rest of the web is worried about making money, this network is more interested in actually constructing some content" is its motto. The OS X downloads section is huge, and the science subsection deserves scrutiny.
- Mac Update, a site for keeping up with the latest Mac software. Write a review of Lynkeos
-Softpedia, a site which guarantees that Lynkeos is free of any "malware". Well, I was already convinced .
- Microprojects, the web site of Darryl Robertson's, author of Equinox ; a Planetarium and imager software.
- Orion Binocular & Telescope ships Lynkeos with its "StarShoot Solar System Color Imaging" camera.
- Apple has discontinued the MacOS X Downloads site and does not open the App Store to non commercial developpers. Lynkeos is therefore no more available on Apple sites.