Introduction to Lynkeos


What is it ?

Lynkeos is a Cocoa® application dedicated to the processing of astronomical digital images taken through a telescope.
It runs on Intel Macintoshes. It is optimized for vectorized instruction sets (SSE), multi-processor and multi-core machines.

Where does that weird name comes from ?

Lynkeos was one of the argonauts, the Jason's fellows who sailed on the Argo ship, seeking the golden fleece.
Lynkeos was surnaturally keen sighted, hence the name of this software, hoping that this sponsorship will help it giving surnatural results ;o)

It is to be noticed that the Argo ship sails the heavens as the Carina, Puppis and Vela constellations ; among the argonauts were Castor and Pollux : the "Gemini", Orpheus with his Lyre, and Hercules. At last, Lynkeos himself roams the skies as the Lynx constellation.

How does it works ?

By stacking the best images, the signal to noise ratio is increased and details lost in the noise of individual images become visible in the resulting image.

This software accepts, as input, QuickTime®, AVI or MPEG sequences, still images, in any image format supported by Cocoa®, FITS and digital cameras RAW format.
It generates a 16 bits RGB TIFF or monochrome FITS image as output, to be further processed with some all-purpose image processing application.

The steps to process a collection of images are :