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Lynkeos is a Cocoa (Mac OS X) application dedicated to the processing of astronomical (mainly planetary) images taken with a webcam through a telescope.
It runs on Intel Macintoshes. It is optimized for vectorized instructions sets (SSE) and for multi-processor and multi-core machines.

Read the introduction it is a good starting point to know what Lynkeos does, why and how.

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Please visit this small gallery of images made with Lynkeos.

The application contains a comprehensive help and a tutorial to help you getting started. They are browsable in the Wiki, and the help is always accessible (and searchable) from within the application.

The project summary page is at

On the download page, you can download the binary version. Developers will find the source distribution.

You may wish to support Lynkeos development by making a donation.

Please feel free to contribute, it will be greatly appreciated.
The simplest contribution is to report any bugs you encounter, or new features you would like to see implemented.
By registering as a developper, you can participate to bug corrections or improvements, you can add more languages, improve the help files or whatever you think will make Lynkeos a more pleasing software.

Thanks to all the people who already contributed.

For developers, the source code documentation generated with Doxygen is available online.