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Building Lynkeos

Languages English - Français


First get some tools which are needed for the build :

Then get the third party softwares used by the Lynkeos application. The libraries not already included in the source code can be downloaded, pre-built, from the download page and installed with the standard OS X installer.
If you want a more recent version, get the source from the following links, build and install them.

Source code

At last, get the Lynkeos source code, from the SourceForge Subversion repository with the following command :

svn checkout svn:// lynkeos-code

Or download the latest source file archive from the download page.


Once you got all the dependencies installed, open the Xcode project "Lynkeos.pbxproj", and select "Build". This will build the internal framework, pass the tests, retrieve the help, build all plugins and finally the complete application.
Be warned that, at the first build, the help retrieval will be very long (maybe 30 minutes).

Once built, the application can be started by hitting the "Run" button. It can also be found in the "Derived Data" folder hierarchy.

Do not hesitate to contact me if something goes wrong. This Wiki may need some corrections.