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Align tool

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This tab is accessible only while in image mode. It is used to control the alignment process :

  • The "x" and "y" numeric fields set the origin (in pixels unit) of the align square (0,0 is at the bottom left corner). The square position can also be (and usually is) changed by dragging it in the image frame.
  • By setting the "Specific" checkbox or holding the option key while finishing the drag, the square position is set only for the highlighted entry in the list frame. For best results : on images of the moon, frame a conspiscuous detail ; on planets images, frame the entire planet.
  • The "side" button menu sets the align square side, this side is a power of two, not larger than the smaller side of all the images and movies in the list. The square size can also be changed by dragging a corner of the square in the image frame.
  • The "Reference" checkbox sets the highlighted entry in the list frame to be the reference image ; that is the image against which all others will be aligned. The default reference image is the first image of the list.
  • The "Cancel" button cancels the alignment result for the selected image, or for all images in absence of selection.
  • The "Align" button starts to align each image selected for processing (ie: with a checkmark). Once started, the "Align" button becomes a "Stop" button (you guess what it does Biggrin.gif).

When this tool is selected, the image frame displays the image of the highlighted line in the list frame. The align square is drawn as a red square on this image. The left and right arrow keys, delete, backspace, space and return keys act as in the list tool.

During alignment process, each processed image is :

  • highlighted in the list frame,
  • its name displayed green if alignment is successful,
  • its ∂x and ∂y columns updated,
  • displayed with its alignment offset corrected, in the image frame. This last feature can be disabled in user preferences, to speed up the alignment.

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