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Chromatic align tool

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This tool is used to correct the image from the chromatic dispersion : each color plane is slightly offset from the others, due to atmospheric refraction being different for long and short wavelengths. Each pair of line allows to control the x and y offset for each color plane, with a text field and a slider.

Other buttons are :

  • Auto : tries to find offsets to correct the current image from its chromatic dispersion,
  • Original : displays, when checked, the image as it was when the tool was opened : this allows to check the effect of the offsets.
  • Re-Stack : stacks all images once again, applying the chromatic offsets during the stack. This gives a better correction than applying the offsets to the stacked image.

The correction is usually done by offsetting red and blue planes with respect to green ; green offsets remaining at zero. This is not mandatory.

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