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Lynkeos document window

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This is the window in which is displayed your Lynkeos document, ie: the work you've done so far. Use the "Open ..." menu to open a Lynkeos file ; use the "Save" or "Save as ..." menu to save your work to a file.

The window is divided in three resizable frames :

  • At top left, the list frame displays all the items you are working on,
  • At right, the image frame displays an image related to the tool you are using,
  • At bottom left, the tools frame gives access (via the window toolbar or the "Process" menu) to ... the tools.

The dividers between frames can be used to resize them. The list and tools frames can be collapsed. Use the button Hidemargin.gif to collapse both frames and leave only the image frame expanded. Use the button Hidelist.gif to collapse the list frame and Detachproc.gif to collapse the tools frame. Use the button Split.gif to split the margin and share it between list and tool frames. When the tools frame is collapsed, its content is detached in a separate window. The top "View" menu has entries for showing/hiding the list frame and attaching/detaching the process frame.

It works in 3 image modes : image, flat field and dark frame mode. The mode is selectable with the menu at the top of the window, this menu is disabled when not using the List or Stack tools.


The mode defines the kind of images you are working on. The dark frame and flat field use only the "list" and "stack" tools.

The application works either on the lists or on the stacking result ; this mode is selected by the "Lists"/"Result" radio button.

List frame ...