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Lynkeos List frame

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This frame displays a table list of expandable items. The items are either images (which are not expandable), or movies which can be expanded to show each frame of the movie. This frame displays 6 columns, from left to right :

  • The selection column displays a checkbox, which is checked when the image is selected for further processing. The checkbox can be affected by a mouse click or by the autoselect tool.
  • The "Name" column displays the image/movie file name. It is displayed green once the image is aligned.
  • The "Index" column displays the frame number of the image in its movie.
  • The ∂x" and "∂y" columns display the alignment offset of this image, provided it has been aligned.
  • The "Quality" column displays the estimated quality level for that image.

The up and down arrow keys move the line highlight up or down one by one. The left and right arrow key move the line highlight up or down to the next image where the checkbox is checked. The "home" and "end" keys move the hilight to the first and last checked lines. When applicable, the delete and backspace keys delete the highlighted line from the list, and the space and return keys toggle the checkbox of the highlighted line.

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