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Lucy Richardson deconvolution tool

Languages English - Français

This tool is used to control the Lucy Richardson iterative deconvolution process which tries to reconstruct a degraded image. :

  • The number of iteration numerical field and stepper, control the number of time that the basic algorithm will be repeated. A compromise must be found between effective image correction and the noise introduced when the number of iterations becomes high.
  • The image view displays the selected "convolver". That is an image of the degradation.
  • The progress check box allows, when selected, to display the image, after each iteration, in the image frame.
  • While processing, the number of the current iteration is displayed at the bottom right of the frame.
  • The "Blur sample" popup is used to select how the blur sample is retrieved.

Depending on the kind of blur sample, the following controls are accessible :

  • Gaussian blur : The image was blurred by a "regular" gaussian curve, which radius is controlled by the slider and numerical field.
  • Selection : The convolver is taken inside the image. Usually the distorted image of a star.
  • File : The convolver is read in a separate file. This choice also allows to save a convolver to a file.
  • The load button opens a file selector to choose an image file containing a convolver.
  • The save button opens a file selector to save the current convolver in an image file.

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