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Tools frame

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The tools frame contains the controls associated with the possible actions on the document. These controls are grouped in "tools" dedicated to each phase of the processing.

To select a tool, you either click on its icon on the window toolbar, or select the menu entry in the "Process" menu.

When working on the stacking result, the image frame displays the processed image, and is updated to reflect any change. Use the menu "File->Save image..." to save your resulting image. The "File format" menu selects the ... file format in which to save the resulting image.


The proposed formats depends on which file format plugins are installed and active. In addition, some formats are not available for all kind of images :

  • the FITS format is available only when the image to save is monochrome.

A configuration panel, depending on the choosen file format, may be displayed for setting some format specific parameters.

The image processing tools are only available in image mode, as the calibration images shall remain "raw". Image processing is possible on images from the list before stacking or on the stacking result.

Please do not overprocess your image. Image processing is so easy that it is very tempting to try to "push the envelope" ; but image processing artifacts are very recognizable and only make your image ugly.

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