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Known bugs

The bug list is maintained up to date on

Reporting a bug

To report a bug :

  • First make sure it isn't already known, and then use the preceding link,
  • Please give a clear and detailed description of the bug and its context :
    • the sequence of actions that led to the bug,
    • the version of your operating system,
    • the version of Lynkeos,
    • and what kind of Macintosh you run Lynkeos on.
  • If you are able to reproduce the bug, attach an execution log, as follows :
    • open the "Console" application,
    • clear the display,
    • launch Lynkeos and reproduce the bug,
    • use "Console" menu "File->Save a copy as ..." to save the console log,
    • and attach this file to the ticket.
  • If you encounter a crash, attach the crash log to the report :
    • it is situated in Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports under your home folder, and is named Lynkeos_xxxx-xx-xx-xxxxxx_xxxx.crash,
    • where the xxx are, sequentially, the year, month, date, hour, minutes and seconds of the crash, and the name of your Macintosh.

Other queries

If you would like to see some new feature added to Lynkeos or need some kind of support, please go to the "tickets" page and use the appropriate link.

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