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Aligning the images

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Once the list of images is complete, you need to align the images to prepare the next steps. Select the "Align" tool to display the alignment controls. Next select a square size, wide enough to contain the planet or a surface marking but not too wide (to save CPU cycles). You can also draw the square in the image frame.


A red square of the previously selected size is displayed at the bottom left corner of the image frame (right part of the window). Center this square on the planet or a surface marking of your choice, by dragging it with the mouse ; you can adjust its size by dragging one of its sides or a corner.


Press the "Align" button and wait for the align process to complete. Each aligned image name is displayed green, if Lynkeos fails to align an image, it name remains displayed black.


Once you have completed the alignment, you can proceed to the quality analysis.