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Image quality analysis

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If the images in the list are not all equally sharp, you may use the "Analysis" tab to analyze the quality (or sharpness) of each image. Select the "Analyze" tool to display the analyzis tools.


Select an analyzis square size, wide enough to enclose either a typical part of the image, or the entire planet and drag the red square to it ; or draw the analysis square in the image frame.


Select one of the two analysis methods with the "Method" popup. For now, choose the "Entropy" method as it is best suited for planetary images.

Press the "Analyze" button to compute the quality of each image. When the quality analysis computation has completed for an image, its estimated quality is displayed as a number in the "Quality" column of the list frame. Due to the great variety of images that one can take, it is conceivable that for a particular image the estimated quality may not usefully represent the image quality. If you are not sure whether this is the case, please check the image quality visually as well.


When all the images are analyzed, one can automatically select which images to include in the result, based on their quality. You merely slide the autoselect slider to the desired quality threshold value. Images below the threshold are not included in the stacking procedure.