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Gathering calibration frames

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If you recorded dark frames and/or flat field frames (cf. concepts : calibration), they can be used to calibrate your images before processing. This feature requires that all your images/movies have the same frame size.

Select the kind of calibration frame you want to add using the mode menu at the top of the window.


Add QuickTime® sequences and/or images as you did for the image list.

When the image list is complete, select the "Stack" tool and press the stack button.

En-calibration stack.jpg

When the calibration frame is stacked, the application switches to the "Result" mode to visualize the stack, in the image frame on the right of the document window.

Perform these operations for dark frames and for flat fields. You shall select the "List" radio button to go back to list management, before adding frames to a calibration list.

Thereafter use the mode menu to go back to image mode, for the following steps.

You can now continue with the alignment tutorial.