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Collecting the list

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The first step to process planetary images is to build a list of images/movies to process.

When launching Lynkeos, it starts with a new empty document.


Click on the "+" button in the bottom left part of the document window, the tools frame, to add to the list.

An "open panel" invites you to choose the files to add.

You may choose to add a QuickTime® movie sequence containing planetary images.


Alternatively, you can drag images or movie files from another application (Finder, iPhoto etc...) and drop them on the list frame.

The sequence appears in the left part of the document window, the list frame. The triangle in the left margin opens the sequence and displays one line for each frame of the sequence.

Clicking on one of the lines causes the image to be displayed in the right part of the document window, the image frame. A slider, under the image, allows one to zoom in or out.


This is all you have to do to build the list ; you may now add calibration frames.


  • The "-" button in the tabs frame permits you to delete whole image sequences or individual images.
  • Several movie sequences and/or images may be added to the same list.