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Lynkeos tutorial

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This tutorial will guide you through the processing of a webcam image-sequence. Prior to starting the tutorial, you should familiarize yourself with some basics on planetary webcam imaging. For convenience, a short summary on planetary imaging is included in this help.

The first processing step is to build an image list from a Quicktime® sequence and/or a sequence of still images.

Calibration frames may optionally be used to calibrate the image sequence. This step is useful in cases where the images have a constant intensity gradient, or hot/dead pixels that should be removed from the final image.

When your image list is complete and you have specified any calibrations that you wish to perform, the images need to be aligned. Lynkeos aligns all the images with sub-pixel accuracy.

With the images corrected and aligned it is often necessary to remove the worst images from a sequence. For short image lists it is easy to manually deselect blurry images but for long image lists this process is often very time consuming. Lynkeos provides a tool which lets you analyse the quality of all the images, allowing you to automatically select the images to stack. Even after the automatic selection you can still select them manually.

With only the best images selected, you produce a stacked image.

To complete the project, it is often useful to process the stacked image to enhance its subtle details.